I case anybody wondered: I did not make it to produce a single post from Oberwolfach last week. For me it was an unusual dense week. Not only that there were many interesting talks on a tight schedule. The “talk-free” parts of the days I had a lot of interesting and stimulating discussions and the night life did not permit the writing posts either. Sorry – but you may probably read about the outcome of some of the discussions in future blog post…

Guess where this is:

Well, I spoiled the solution in the title anyway (and of course, some of you recognized the sculpture in the last picture): I am in Oberwolfach this week at the workshop “Computational Inverse Problems”. Maybe I’ll find some time to blog about some talks but I am not sure if I can make it. Usually the Oberwolfach workshops are quite intense and hence, blogging will be too much…

Anyway, the autumn looks great here these days:


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