It’s out! Our department has a vacant position for optimization to fill! In particular we are looking for somebody working in continuous (nonlinear) optimization. Well, I know there have been a number of open positions with a similar scope recently, but I also know there are plenty of excellent people working in this field.

In addition to the official advertisement (which can be found here (from the website of  TU Braunschweig) or here (from, here is some further advertisement: The math department here is a medium sized department. It covers quite broad range of mathematics:

  • Numerical Linear Algebra (Fassbender, Bollhöfer)
  • PDEs (Sonar, Hempel)
  • Modelling (Langemann)
  • Stochastics (Kreiss, Lindner, Aurzada)
  • Applied Analysis/Mathematical Physics (Bach, myself)
  • Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (Eick, Löwen, Opolka)

and, of course, Optimization (Zimmermann) – in fact, I usually find some expert around for all the questions I have which are a bit outside my field. All groups are active and (as far as I can see) working together smoothly. The department is located in the Carl-Friedrich Gauss Faculty which is also the home of the departments for Computer Science, Business Administration and Social Sciences. At the least in Computer Science and Business Administration there are some mathematically oriented groups, e.g.

and there are several groups with some mathematical background and interesting fields of applications (computer graphics, robotics,…). Moreover, the TU has a lot of engineering institutes with strong background in mathematics and cool applications.
In addition to a lively and interesting research environment, the university treats its staff well (as far as I can see) and administrative burden or failures are not harming too much (in fact less then at other places, I’ve heard)!
In case you have any questions concerning the advertisement, feel free to ask (in addition to the head of the search committee, Jens-Peter Kreiss) me.

Deadline for application is October 14th 2012.