Today I arrived at ISMP in Berlin. This seems to be the largest conference on optimization and is hosted by the Mathematical Optimization Society. (As a side note: The society recently changed its name from MPS (Mathematical Programming Society) to MOS. Probably the conference will be called ISMO in a few years…).

The reception today was special in comparison to conference receptions I have attended so far. First, it was held in the Konzerthaus which is a pretty fancy neo-classical building. Well, I’ve been to equally fancy buildings at conference receptions at GAMM or AIP conferences already, but the distinguishing feature this evening was the program. As usual it featured welcome notes by important people (notably, the one by the official government representative was accurate and entertaining!), prizes and music. The music was great, the host (G.M. Ziegler) did a great job and the ceremony felt like a show rather than an opening reception.

From the prices I’d like to mention two:

After this reception I am looking even more forward to the rest of this conference.

As I a side note: Something seems to be wrong with me and optimization conferences. It seems like every time I visit such a conference, I am loosing my cell-phone. Happened to me at SIOPT 2011 in Darmstadt and happened to me again today…