An email by Thomas Vogt brought me to the website of the DMV (“Deutsche Mathematiker Vereinigung” – or should I write “Deutsche Mathematische Vereinigung”? But that’s another issue…) which is He asked me if I could write a post about my recent short survey about the beginning of the Elsevier boycott (which is in German and available here).

While I visited the DMV website I learned several interesting things:

  • On the top left of the website, there is a login button! If you are member of the DMV (You are not? And you are German? Come on – join!) and you know your Mitgliedsnummer, you can sign up right away. If you don’t know your Mitgliedsnummer (like me) you can ask the DMV (see here) to get it.
  • Once logged in, you can participate in the DMV Forum which is anything but deserted (well, it is not incredibly lively these days…).
  • But the most interesting thing was: There is even a kind of social-network functionality! Currently there are 692 members. Okay – its not Facebook but on the other hand, it is pretty focused; only mathematicians related to Germany. With that number of member I made the effort and looked over all of them. I found out that currently there was precisely one “friendship” within the whole network. If my effort pays off, I will be the person which has the highest number of friends! Let’s see…