Happy Birthday regularize!

Exactly one year ago I started this math blog as a kind of experiment. Let’s see what has happened since then:

  • I produced 46 posts (this one included) which I organized in
  • 9 categories (well, most posts are in “math”…) and I used
  • 55 different tags and there are
  • 74 comments (out of which 22 are pings).

I blogged on papers I found and which I’d like to keep in some place (different from my filing cabinet or my harddisk), on topics which I’d got interested in, from conferences I attended, some posts were kind of off-topic and I started to post lecture notes.

Here are some curiosities extracted from the site-stats tool:

  • The most used search term which brought a user here is “ivanov regularization” (63 times).
  • On place two and three are “sarrus rule” (61 times) and “rule of sarrus” (44 times). I hope I helped to reduce the well know {4\times 4} error which occurs in so many exams…
  • The entry which got the most views (besides the homepage itself) is “Dual spaces of continuous function” (although I think it is not very good…).

Do I have some conclusion?

  • Blogging needs time and effort. That’s how it is.
  • However, blogging helps: It helps to read papers more thorough and to focus more on the questions “What does that mean for me?”, “How can I benefit from the new results?”. It also helps to get and keep in touch with other mathematicians. And it serves as some kind of archive for thoughts and ideas (although, I did not use this feature as much as I thought – probably because I remember things much better, once I blogged about them).
  • Hence, I continue to blog the way I used to and look forward to year number 2 of regularize. If you have some suggestions I would like to hear them.