Will this be the start of a mathematical blog of myself? Maybe, but maybe not.

The reason for the start of this blog was basically the observation that other people use a blog in a way which helps them to do and especially organize their research. While searching things on the web, I occasionally stumble upon things I consider interesting and my usual procedure was to do one of the following things:

  •  Scribble down a note on a piece of paper which I put to the other small notes on my desk.
  • Download some document and store it on some place one my computer (in fact I have a folder which I called “Archivieren” which means: “To be archived”.)
  • Do nothing special but just try to remember the place where I found the information.

None of these ways seemed to be working well and I have the feeling that in every three cases it happened frequently that I did not use the information in the best way I could. I am going to try to use this blog as another option to keep track of things I find and think about. Let’s see how this will evolve…